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New Year’s Eve is traditionally symbolized by people making resolutions for the upcoming year. They vow again and again to be different from one year to the next, and getting in better shape tops the list of promises. So often by February or March, those goals have been tossed aside and optimism has been replaced by frustration or disappointment. The next new year comes along and the cycle repeats with no real change happening in the previous months.  

Resolution Fitness was created to break that cycle! I believe that any time of year is a perfect time to make a commitment to real change, and to begin the journey of lifelong health and fitness.  

I am an ACE-certified personal trainer that has walked through lifelong struggles with weight, poor diet, exercise and the time juggling of life’s demands. My training programs focus on steady changes over time that help you learn how to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, and see real results. For the new exerciser and overweight individual, I have been at the same starting point, and understand how intimidating and confusing the changes look on day one! Let me use my personal story and knowledge to help inspire you to begin and maintain this worthwhile journey. 

Don’t wait until next year to try again. Dare to believe that you can do this, and you are in control of your future level of fitness.

Now is always a good time to change!